Bike shoes and gloves Guest post by Rose

7 Jan

untitledOk, well here it is, I will now reveal my riding errors of yesterday. Of course, you must keep in mind I haven’t been on my bike in a few months, so this will help explain the following.
Part 1 – I began my ride, a little later than planned. I am wearing my hot pink Jacket, matching new skull cap, and new gloves. I am sure I look good as I ride down the street. I clip in, or I should say, I attempt to clip in. I remember thinking, ‘wow, it’s not good to stay off my bike for so long, I can’t even get my shoes to clip in.’ As I crossed over Huntsman Rd I decided to ride toward Woller Creek. I really wanted to get up a little speed. I still wasn’t clipped in. I stopped and checked the bottom of my shoes to see if perhaps Jeff removed my clips for some unknown reason. They were still there. I tried to clip in while stopped, it was a No Go. Oh well, I really wanted to ride so I soldiered on. After riding on for a little it occurred to me,” Could these be the wrong shoes? Wait, are these my mountain bike shoes? Oh no, These are not road shoes”. How embarrassing. My mind continues, “Ok, this would be so much easier with the right shoes, MAYBE I should go back and get the right shoes, BUT, my Strava is going to look strange, oh well.” So, back to the house I go.
Guess what? I could clip in so fast with the correct shoes- what a relief!

Part 2- So, I cross over Huntsman again and ride. I was thinking “this is so much easier. My skull cap is kind of slipping- I want it to cover my ears. Is it supposed to cover my ears? I think so.” I stop, try to readjust. I ride on, still not perfect I try to readjust while riding, my cap is down to my eyebrows. “I must look ridiculous. If I ride fast enough, no one will notice.” I ride on. Then I notice something odd with my gloves. There is padding on the top side of my gloves, I try to reason this out, could these be mountain bike gloves and maybe the padding is to protect my hands in case I hit a tree (which is a real possibility for me). I thought sure they were road bike gloves. I look at the palm side of my gloves, no padding, now this IS odd. I stop (by now my Strava timing is going to be pathetic). I inspect the gloves closer (sometimes it’s good to be alone). No, I couldn’t have, Is it even possible? I remove a glove and hold it up (I hope no neighbors are looking out the window) I’m still not sure but I remove my other glove- it kind of looks like it could fit either hand (but I like the way the padding looks on the top of the glove) I try it on the opposite hand – IT FITS! I hadn’t noticed the flowers so much but they do look better on the top.
Oh, I got to say padding is much better on the inside of the glove.
So anyway, I chose an odd course and all but I did ride. Did your mom never tell you there would be days like these? This is when it is truly good to laugh at oneself 😀



One Response to “Bike shoes and gloves Guest post by Rose”

  1. Mario A. Riojas (@mariojas1) January 7, 2013 at 3:53 am #

    Yeah, I’ve had those days but never like this! I’m always “put together” before I even get on the bike.

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