Weight Wait

9 Jan

This time of year we all start looking at the scale and wait for it to stop climbing. So yes I must admit my weight hasn’t waited for a moment. It has been rising for weeks. Last week the better half started to make little comments about it. She never seems to have a weight problem. Her secret is great jeans, and good genetics. She is careful about how she looks in her jeans, so she is always careful about how much she eats and her whole family is thin.
I on the other hand I come from a “big boned family”. I am 6’-2” as of Sunday I weighed 233.2 pounds as such I’m a Clydesdale. That would be ok if I had the power to go with it. So today is Tuesday January 9, 2013 and I weigh 231.4 lbs. I could tell you I was on my way having lost 1.8 pounds in two days but the reality is my weight swings up and down two or three pounds from day to day and time of day. The long and the short of it is I must lose weight.
In my first ever blog post I mentioned I have high blood pressure. I have been on medication for almost ten years. When I first went to see the doctor about it I was 198 over 98. He said I was a walking dead man. Now I take three medications for a total of six pills a day. I chose to have my diuretic as a separate pill. That way on days when it is very hot and I’m doing a big bike ride I can skip that one so I don’t get too dehydrated. One pill is a potassium supplement to put back what is washed away by the diuretic. Yes I love bananas so I eat one or two a day. Even with the aid of the medications my blood pressure is higher than I or my doctor would like to see. I am normally in the middle to upper 130’s over low to mid 80’s, and that is on medication. I got a good scare at the doctor’s office the other day. The nurse took my pressure and came up with 156/89. When the doctor saw that he took it again. He read 134/80, but it was a scare just the same. I really would like to get this down. The best way to lower it is to lose weight. This problem just can’t wait any longer.
My goal is to lose 30 pounds in 90 days! It will be a lot of portion control. I will be eating fewer deserts. I will be eating more salads for dinner. I will get more sleep. I normally sleep an average of about 6 to 6 ½ hours a night. Last night I slept almost 8 hours. My goal is to lose 1/3 pound a day average. That sounds easy so maybe it will be. I have never been very serious about weight control. I have never really tried to lose weight. The most was ten pounds last summer. I did feel better and I road better. Over the fall and end of the year it all came back.
Like a lot of men I think of myself as I was in my early twenty’s. I was 195 to 200 pounds. I was healthy and strong enough to work hard all day long. I didn’t have high blood pressure. I know I’m twice that age now but if I keep adding weight at the rate I have over the last 30 years I won’t make another 30 years. I decided it is time to hit the weight rest button. When you hit reset you get to go back and start the game over. I want to start the game over. Haven’t we all said “If I knew then what I know now”. I can’t turn back 30 years but I can turn back 30 pounds.
I will post from time to time about how it is going.
Now it’s the time to eat less, ride more, get to where I’m going.


2 Responses to “Weight Wait”

  1. Mario A. Riojas (@mariojas1) January 10, 2013 at 3:21 am #

    Hey Jeff, wanna go to Winstop? Just kidding!

  2. Daniel Weise January 17, 2013 at 11:28 pm #

    Eating Less and riding more are definitely the keys.

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