The Lance Armstrong interview Part 1 Fall from Grace

19 Jan

We are taught from childhood onward to be winners. Some who have the kind of drive it takes to be in the elite of any field run the risk of stepping over the line. If we look at history; many of those we admire as successful have tread very close to and sometimes over the line. Many of those beloved heroes would not stand up to today’s scrutiny. We as the human race take away a lesson; If we give anyone the praise and support that holds them to be a hero, we are giving them power of a kind. We all know the old saying “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The higher someone is held or the higher the aspiration, the greater the risk of corruption and greater the fall from grace.
If you listen closely you hear a man who got caught up in winning at all cost. That winning was the goal and he would do anything to get it. So he is like many who are willing lie, cheat, steal, bully or whatever it takes to be the best. We see it in the business world, in politics, in entertainment, in any endeavor that people reach for with so much effort. I have had the impression that he was so self-driven that he was really hard to be around. We call that being a jerk or a lot of less polite words. We teach our young people that they should be winners. I wonder how often we have failed to instill the concept of fair play. That winning only counts if it is not just within the rules but that it is truly fair.
When someone lies then they must tell another to cover the first. It becomes a cycle and when someone challenges the lie the liar finds he must defend the lie. If you combine that with win at all cost, the winner/liar goes on the offensive. In the school yard it was the bully beat up the other kid. As adults the bully beats the other verbally then he sues and beats them up in the courts. It is the same motivation with just a little change of the means. It’s time for Lance to grow up, get out of the school yard mentality. It will take time, this interview is a first step.


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