Encouraging others to ride

31 Jan

We all need a little encouragement sometimes. That may have been to get on a bike for the first time since we were kids. Perhaps we are the one who helps others find the motivation to start riding. We all fall on both sides of encouragement. Sometimes we give some, sometimes we get some. I would hazard a guess that very few of us have ridden regularly all the way since we were kids, most of us road bikes as kids. That bike was our means to freedom; it may have doubled as our airplane, horse, race car, motorcycle, spaceship or anything else we could imagine. As adults we don’t usually use our imaginations so much anymore… Now think back to when you as an adult began riding again. Why did we start riding again? Who gave us the nudge of encouragement to get us started again? Do we enjoy riding? Do we owe someone a thank you?
Who have we gotten started riding? Who did we encourage and may need some more, maybe they got a bike but are not riding? I have helped a few get back in to riding and I know a few who need just a little more encouragement.

3 Responses to “Encouraging others to ride”

  1. Mario January 31, 2013 at 9:45 pm #

    What you talkin’ ’bout Willis!?

  2. Daniel Weise February 4, 2013 at 5:53 pm #

    I am so with you on this! I rode my bike miles and miles at a time until that magic age of 16 when I got my license and my first car. The bike gt put away and I don’t think I rode it but once or twice over the next 30+ years. THe turning point for me was the desire, through encouragement of a co-worker to do a triathlon 2 years ago. That’s what got me back on the bike and I love it!


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