Busy Lately, Eating too well

17 Feb

Sea Food Stew

I have been very busy this week so I have not had time to write. Just a little update on my weight, I’m still at 229.2 lbs. My weight is stuck. I know the reason, I like to eat really good food. For example my wonderful wife (Rose) made this fantastic “Sea Food Stew”. The broth was rich with real butter and white wine. The sea food was Mussels, Calamari, fish and shrimp with just a little bit of stewed tomato and onion. This was brought together with balance. Each item of sea food added to the previous to bring them to perfection without over cooking any of them. Garnished with a little fresh parsley and served with a really nice white wine.
La Crema 2010This 2010 La Crema Sonoma Coast Chardonnay is just great. It is buttery enough to stand up to a butter wine sauce dinner. The flavor is full and well-rounded making a paring with a robust sea food just right. Mouth feel is important to me and this has velvet smoothness.
The real Job has had me hopping the last week or so. I have not had the chance to ride since last Tuesday that is like 11 days. Today, Saturday, I was out all day doing stuff. We had lunch at Jalisco Grill, I had a big bowl of Pozole. This is a richly flavored Mexican pork and hominy soup. When I got home about 4:00 pm I sat down to read the news and fell asleep for an hour and a half. Thus I didn’t get to ride today. Perhaps tomorrow, or as we say in south Texas “mañana”.

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