Tour de Cure

28 Feb

2012 Team Photo TdCI proudly ride for Team Lantern Rouge. We are a group of friends who like to ride. We get together when we can. One of our primary group rides each year is the Tour de Cure. This benefits the American Diabetes Association. We all know people who are directly affected by this disease. Both adults and young people suffer. I have several friends ranging from teens to seventies that are living with diabetes. It affects their lives and the lives of the whole family. They all have made changes in diet that can help. They all are taking treatment, but that won’t stop the ravages of the disease in the long run.
Diabetes is treatable but even very good treatment is not curing the disease, not yet at least. Some things man cannot change but this is one that can be improved. Maybe a cure can be found. Remember your medical history. Polio was crippling kids and a cure or rather a vaccine was found. Polio no longer cripples or kills the children like it did. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do the same with the disease diabetes?

Most of us will never see the toll on the day to day lives of these people our friends and neighbors. Do you know anyone who is diabetic? Do you even need to ask them what it is like? To watch everything you eat, to take your medication on time every time. Knowing that every time you make a mistake; eat the wrong thing or drink the wrong thing or forget to watch the clock for your next dose that you could be putting yourself in the hospital. Those same mistakes may do nothing today but what about ten or twenty years down the road? What we take for granted like a cold bear after a hot afternoon ride. What is the effect on the body if you’re diabetic? Is it the one that will start you on the road to blindness or the crippling reality of amputation? That is the reality that those who live with diabetes live with every day for the rest of your life.

The American Diabetes Association is working diligently to fund research to find a cure, and to educate the community on how to prevent & manage diabetes. We are in this fight for people like our friends like Mario (a Red Rider), Newman, Big Joe (senior) or Zach (teenager) and for the over 26 million people diagnosed with the disease across the United States. Please support of our continuing efforts and your commitment to Stop Diabetes! To Learn more about our special events & programs, feel free to visit

To support us directly in the Tour de Cure you can make a direct donation to The American Diabetes Association thru our rider page. I’m willing to put forward the hard work to do the 74 mile ride this year can you put forth a donation to demonstrate your support?


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