Tour de Gruene Individual Time Trial

3 Sep

I only do one “race” each year. The Tour de Gruene in Gruene TX. (near New Brunsfels TX) just north of San Antonio TX. Last year was a totally horrid route with lots of climbing and heavy roads (lots of sealcoat). So how did my race go? I’m glad you asked, even if you didn’t.

“I finished in LAST place in my age group (50-54).” “I finished in 00:47:51 at 13.2 mph.” “I totally got my butt kicked.” “The fast man of the day was 00:22:55 at 27.5 mph.” In 2008 Lance Armstrong did it (before coming out of retirement) 00:33:14 at 28.89 mph on a different longer course. If memory holds true Tom Zirbel and one of the Leibowitz boys have done the ITT and Lawson Craddock did the TTT (two man). Some years the real racers or the up and coming racers show up and we get to run our times against the “Big Boys”. We get to see show.

Ok now for the excuses’. I didn’t train, I didn’t eat right, I didn’t lose weight, I didn’t warm up, I rolled out too hard, I didn’t drink early, you can add any others you care to think of.

All of this leads to an asthma attack and puking on the 2nd to the last hill. I found you lose a lot of time stopped beside the road gasping and puking! So yes “I survived,” to finish and that is what counts.

You are invited to join us in November 2nd, 2013 to do yet another new course. The registrations opened on line Wednesday at 7:00 pm. The allotments of rider slots will fill very quickly (days if not hours) so get yourself on line and sign up quick.

This year’s course is better than last year. I say that by looking at the map and profile, not having yet ridden it. We have used the River road section before and I have ridden up the big hill coming out of the river but not the rest of the route. We (our friendly little group “Team Lanterne Rouge”) are hoping to pre-ride the route a time or two very soon.


Individual Time Trials are a funny thing but not a laughing matter. You can ride lots of miles but if they are not representative of the ITT course they don’t help as much as if you ride a route and distance similar to the ITT. If you are used to doing say 30 or 40 mile joy rides, you are not building for the high explosive demand of a 19 mile ITT. Yes are doing twice the miles but the demand is so much lower. Few amateur bike racers can really give maximum effort for 45 minutes that it will take to win this year. For me I think a time of just over an hour is a good goal. If I can do under 1:10 I’ll be happy. A time around 1:15 is expected and any time over 1:20 I’ll be depressed.    

Course review

The first 10 mile section is on River road. That part we have used in the past is board flat with less than ¼% down grade. The pavement is (was last time I road it 2 years ago) in good condition and rather smooth. It follows the river with a few twists and turns. It will cross the river three times. The bridges are concrete low water crossing type. The transitions from asphalt to concrete and back can be a bit abrupt or jarring. This part should be run 20+mph. The fast guys will be breaking the speed limit. Really they will be averaging above the speed limit. The second part is the unknown for me. We have not used this part of the route in the years that I have ridden the TdGITT. It is mostly climbing. The profile says at mile 10.1 to 11.7 is the climb out of the river valley. This hill I have done in warm up a few years ago. One year the route had us come down it. Then there is a dip to mile 12.7, after that it’s full on climbing to 18.7. The last section is six miles of race pace uphill pull. They have three false flats that should give some relief along the way. The Map My Ride only shows about 1 and 2% grade.

So now you have an idea of what to expect! Come out and do the Tour de Gruene Individual Time Trial with us.


I was this quote the other day: “Artificial Intelligence is no match for Natural Stupidity.”


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