The voice of complacency

10 Dec

We all have heard the voice of complacency. It’s that little whisper in the back of your head. The one that says “you rode hard just the other day (even if it was two weeks ago) take it easy”. It might say “It’s too cold to ride today”, “oh it’s raining today”, or “you’ve had a hard day, take a rest day”. It is a nagging voice that can drag us down. It tells us all the things we want to hear. I’ll bet we all recognize that voice. It sounds like our own voice but it’s not us. We are the hard ones, the tough ones, we are cyclist!
Since we all hear this voice at times how do we deal with it? Some have the self determination to rise above the voice. They can turn a deaf ear to the voice. Not all of us can. We need to find coping methods. For the strong it may be having a schedule is enough to keep getting us to not listen to the voice. For me I need a bit more help to keep getting me to ride on those days.
I have found a secret weapon against the voice of complacency. This is Gary, (imagine a guy very slim but not skinny, very fit with grey hair and 65 years old) he is my riding buddy. Gray always rides. Anything short of flooding or ice he will be looking for me every week. Having someone expecting you is a great weapon against “the voice”. Knowing that if you don’t show up, he will call to see if you died (that is only a viable excuse if you have a doctor’s note). If you call him to try to beg off you will have to give an explanation. It better be a good one. I’m tired or its cold are not acceptable excuses.
Gary is a strong rider. He rides three days a week. He is almost always faster than me. I have to work hard just to keep up when he is out front. When I’m on the front he can rest.
Gary is retired but he has a busy and full life. He now gets to set his own schedule so he plans on his rides and things just almost never get in the way. Having someone who is expecting you is a great motivator. I recommend finding a ride buddy like I have. Then you can be the motivator for them just as they are for you.


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